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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What do you do with your junk mail?

What do you do with your junk mail?

We have started a new mail tradition these days.  Our new house has home delivery of mail... something that has apparently died in recent years with the invention of cluster mail boxes.  When our pup barks at the USPS man for having the audacity to not ask permission to walk up to the door, Samantha Jadyn runs to the front door to intercept the mail.  It is my job to sort the mail accordingly, and here is how we sort it: bills and things addressed to ONLY Josh go to the man of the house.  Things addressed to both Josh and me (especially if it looks interesting) go to my desk.  Postcard-like advertisements go to Christina, and credit card ads, catalogs that bore me, and coupon mailers go to Samantha.

Today, I was asked to read the American Express credit card offer that was "for SJ".  Not thinking much about it, I made up some story about how awesome of a little lady she is, told her that she's a fantastic big sister, and encouraged her on ways to be an even better big sister and helper around the house.  She saw the fake credit card with "Your Name Here" on it which was taped to the top of the letter and she said that it's hers to remind her of ways to be better.  She hasn't let that thing go all day!  I fear this may end well (behaviorally speaking) but shatter all of my hopes to get rid of all of the clutter I seem to be swimming in every day.  Ah well, I only have her at this age for so long.

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