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Friday, August 26, 2011

Artsy-Fartsy Friday

We have this Tupperware container that is just perfect to put broken, forgotten, unloved crayons in.  I peel the papers off of them as they go in, so when we feel the need to butcher the crayons in the name of art we are already prepared.  Today was just such a day.

When the crafts come out, everybody does the happy dance!

For this craft, you'll need crayons.  Any crayons will do... new ones, old ones, broken ones, whole ones... ones your one year old happened to chew on (hypothetically speaking, of course).  You'll also need an iron (ironing board is optional, but I enjoyed it's availability for this craft), old towel (to protect your ironing surface), old sheet (to protect your iron), and paper.  I've done this before with wax paper, and that definitely made a fun effect... but the only wax paper we have on hand is brown and I didn't want to use it.  Computer paper to the rescue!

Can you tell that I use that sheet for a spray paint drop cloth?  Oh the fun!
I happen to own about half a billion of these glass prep bowls from The Pampered Chef, so I grabbed several of them.  I'm sure you could use any kind of plastic or glass cup... or even made piles on the table.  But isn't this just too pretty?

My "Unloved Crayon Box."  These are the crayons that the wee one is
allowed to use when we color.  They're already "ruined", so what's the harm?

We grouped "like" colors together so we'd have a
mixture of different depths.  Or, I just didn't want to pull
out two dozen individual bowls.  Either way...
One cheap pencil sharpener and thirty minutes later, we had some beautiful shavings!  Doesn't this just make you want to add heat and watch them melt together?

We couldn't wait.  First, we tried to make a flower...
Two babies near a hot iron with glass on an easily-tippable ironing board.
It didn't work out so well:

I didn't realize God made flowers that resemble baby poop!
After I let loose a little and allowed the elder's creative juices to pump forth, we got a little crazy with it.

"I'm just so EXCITED!" 

In fact, we couldn't really stop ourselves.  We were running out of places to let them dry!

SJ's favorite.
Not enough butchering going on?  Well, let's fix that!  We traced each person's foot and hand and cut them out.  SJ got to cut her own ones out, but I took care of mine and Christina's.  Aren't we adorable?

Make your right ear touch your right shoulder...
it's a butterfly and flower!
We have three uncut sheets left.  Guess what daddy's going to be doing when he gets home from the airport tonight!

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