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Friday, October 14, 2011

Field Trip Friday: Pumpkin Patch!

Josh had to work during part of the 4 day holiday last week, and the lovely people he works with let him take today off as a comp day.  Oh what a joy it is to have him around!  I've been dying to go to a real pumpkin patch (can't remember if I've actually ever been to one) with the girls ever since we got here.  After spending a couple of hours online last night, scouring the internet for all possible nearby farms with pumpkin patches, we came across three that caught my eye.  The problem is that the drought that hit earlier this year, plus the tornadoes that hit in April has left farmers scratching their heads wondering when they'll be able to produce good produce again.

I called three farms, and all three of them pointed me to the one we went to.  We didn't quite mind the hour and a half drive to the farm; Josh had homework anyway, and the girls love catching a movie to pass the time.  I enjoy driving the great highways and county roads in our beautiful country, so off we went!  423 photos later, here are my favs:

They decorated a bale of hay to look like a giant spider.  Of course, the
spider was calling SJ to come climb him.
Could there be a more simple apparatus of fun than a slide set up to bales
of hay?  The girls couldn't imagine one!
Proof that I attended such fun!
A swing for two?  Perfect for sisters who love to play together!
Speaking of simple fun, how does a 2x6 on a rope sound?
Especially when it is tied to a tree!
It looked like so much fun that Mama Bear had to try.
Papa Bear was next... 
Christina was next.  Josh had a blast trying to get her on.

Of course, Christina's recollection of the incident was
quite different.
Big sister to the rescue!
Christina loved it!  (Once she figured it out)
And who can pass up an opportunity to try out the tire swing?
Sand box on a farm?  Nope!  Corn box.  
Samantha loved jumping in.  Literally!
She made a friend, and they would fall back into the corn.
Get ready for it....
I couldn't resist.  I had to get in on the fun.
Last week, Papa Bear got to do snow angels, now I get
to try out corn angels.  The end result was having corn in
places nobody should experience.  Love SJ's "upside
down angel".
Smooches for a corny mommy.
It's never too early to have deep meaningful conversations
with your babies.
There were slides EVERYWHERE on this farm.
My daredevil didn't think twice about going in head-first.  It ended well...
Who needs a featherbed when you can have a corn one?
Her head was lumpy from the corn, and almost purple from the blood that
rushed to it.  Good times.
Eating the corn or the apple?  If you look at that apple closely enough, you'll
notice corn kernels snuggled in nicely.  Building that immune system! 
She was super thrilled to have her picture taken.  
Christina didn't get the concept.
But if you beg your children enough, you may get them in the same shot.
Can't guarantee they will be smiling, or even looking at the camera, though.
Their petting zoo.  SJ, the pony whisperer.  No requests to have one of her
own, though.  That was my blessing for the day!
Christina learned that if she rubbed her apple all over her hand, the pony
would give her kisses.  She loved it.
The farm is nestled in the middle of a beautiful valley.
On the hay ride!  Christina couldn't have been more
SJ loved it.  She had a question about every square inch of the 2,000 acre
farm.  That's a lot of questions!
SJ took this picture for us.  Not bad, if you don't mind
a good, strong Heavenly glare dropping in.
Let's see if Mama Bear can do any better...
Here comes the pumpkin patch!
When I was young, my parents would take us to a Christmas tree farm every year.  My dad would walk around the farm saying, "I can hear one calling my name.  We have to find the one that's calling my name.  That's the one for us." I thought I'd bring that tradition into our pumpkin hunting.  
SJ listening for her name to be called.  
Listening to the pumpkin.  Is it calling your name?
Sure was!  This one's hers!
Christina was testing the durability of her would-be pumpkins.  She chose
to toss her pumpkins to see if they would stand up to the abuse she plans to
deal out.  This one did not satisfy her requirements.
Pumpkins for the offspring have been picked... now for the parents.
Daddy asked Christina if this would suit him.
The answer was no.
It's a lot of work to pick something up that is bigger than
your head.  She prevailed.
With our pumpkins safely nestled, we're off to make our way back to
the van.
Josh and I have figured out why we never seem to have
any water when we go places. 
Wagons were conveniently placed where the hay ride drop off location was
so we didn't have to lug all those pumpkins to the van.  How considerate!
Of course, Papa Bear didn't have enough to drag around.  The kiddos needed
to ensure the pumpkins didn't fall off!
Who could resist such an adorable photo-op?
We love our swings!
What are we looking at?  Couldn't tell ya.
She really does like us, I promise.
Their favorite shoes.  We wear these EVERYWHERE!
One more trip to the corn box.
This could almost be an advertisement for the corn growers in America...
SJ doesn't take crap from anybody.  Especially not scary
blow up decorations.
So there was our field trip.  We had a blast, and came home utterly exhausted.  I can't even describe the smell of the van on the ride home.  It was a mixture of sickly sweet corn, manure, pumpkins, and baby poop.  After changing the diaper, we were left with manure and corn.  All in all... very successful day!


  1. The girls are quite adorable and growing so very quickly. You 4 look so happy being a family and soaking up every moment of it!

  2. Thank you! They are such a pleasure to be around. Family time is rare around here, so when we get it, it's glorious.