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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Early Halloween

Since the local Botanical Gardens had their annual Bootanica celebration last Saturday, we decided to get dressed up and celebrate the festivities.  I love a good, wholesome event where the scare is fun, not gory.  The atmosphere is open and spacious, and the DJ isn't afraid to call the holiday by it's name: Halloween.  It's not a fall festival if you have people dressing up in costumes.

Every year, SJ gets the choice of what she wants to dress up as for Halloween.  Every year, she runs to her dress up closet and picks one of the dresses we already have on hand.  Super convenient for me, and cheap since I don't have to fight the crowds during the dress-up season for cheap costumes.  When we get a dress up costume, we go for gold.  Only the best (because it's the sturdiest) will do here.  It has to... we wear costumes for school work sometimes.

It's a good thing Josh and I have been super studious on unpacking the stuff that sat in Colorado for three years while we "vacationed" in Guam.  I found the box of SJ's baby costumes, which means I have several to choose from for Christina this year.  They range from an adorable pink bear (my personal favorite... it was SJ's first Halloween costume which means it will only last for this year), to an almost just as adorable monkey (with tail attached), to a ridiculously LOUD (as in color) yellow duck, and finally and beautiful green alligator.  These are each very responsible costume choices for the lil one as it apparently gets cold enough to make an eskimo shiver around here and they are each made of six inch thick snuggly fleece and wool.

After Bootanica, we came home to decorate our pumpkins.  This was huge for our family, since it's the first year that I've actually purchased pumpkins.  I know, I know... mom of the year here.  Enjoy the pictures of our day!

Not posing for the camera.  Just taking it all in as we enter.
This monkey doesn't throw poop.  Go ahead and
hug to your heart's content!
At a craft table, coloring a book mark.  We were debating
the true color of ghosts.
She moved on to the pumpkin because I couldn't produce
a white marker for her to color on the white paper.
We ride in style.  Massive bike strollers are super
convenient at events such as this for the massive
costumes to fit.  Both girls enjoyed the use of this.
Story time with "Grandma Witch".  She was wonderful.
Both of the girls loved the story time.  I love Christina's
tail on this costume!
Vampire teeth.  Grandma Witch didn't like them.  SJ
loved the reaction she got when wearing them.
Christina chows down when food is around.
The squeezable Grandma Witch.  We loved her.
Exploring some of the kid's area at the Gardens.
What else is there around here?  We still haven't been
able to explore the whole place!
1 Princess + 1 Bouncy Ball = Awesome
1 Daddy + 1 Bouncy Ball = Visual of how old you're getting
Taking it all in...
Washing pumpkins before we decorate...
Gotta get them all clean!
My mommy is brave to give me paint on a glass plate
and free reign!
Painting is a serious matter...
My pumpkin.  I wanted a bold blue.  I guess I shouldn't have picked a
watercolor paint.  More on my pumpkin later...
Helping Daddy carve his pumpkin.
Daddy said, "Shh. Don't tell mommy that I've never done
this by myself before..."
SJ's pumpkin...
Fun with the "leftover" paint on the plates after.
We're not done with our pumpkins.  We just had to "table" them because the pups decided to take an unauthorized tour of the neighborhood.  Good times.

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