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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alabama A&M Cross Country 5K

Peer pressure. We are taught to not succumb to it. But what if the peer pressure is to make you a better person?

Meet LC:

She is generally the reason I sign up for many races. You can say she actually pressures me into registering for them. Krista is still a meanie-face, telling me that I'm not good enough to race, and that I should just stay in bed. LC has been louder than Krista these days. She isn't my training partner (she's way too fast for  my pace); she is just a friend who is wonderfully awesome at cheering me on when I start listening to Krista and doubt myself. When she finishes her race, she has time to grab a beer for each of us, walk backward on the course until she finds me, hand me my beer, and walk me in. This always tickles me because I don't drink beer (but you can bet your britches that the second race directors start offering wine at the finish line, I'll be happy to re-carb with that!) but I do so love the sentiment!

Meet Kim:

She's going to hate me for using this picture, but I'm okay with that. ;) She is always very supportive of my endeavors, and  is generally right next to LC when it's time to come find me on the course. She is actually the reason SJ is also known as "The Glitterator" (but that's another post for another day). 

Together, these two ladies are amazing at keeping me excited about doing races. They help me find venues that give you swag for finishing (we got a rock at this race...and yes, that makes me gloriously happy!) and they're so very registration-happy that I can't help but to join in.

Yesterday, Krista was loudly telling me that today would be the only day in a couple of weeks that we will be able to sleep in. She reminded me of how much we LOVE to sleep in. And she tried to let me forget that the Alabama A&M XC 5K is a very inexpensive race (my *late* registration cost was $10). She even did her best to get me to ignore the swag we get for finishing (hello painted rocks, how would you like to come home with us???). But LC waited until Krista was sleeping (or harassing other newbie runners) and peer-pressured me into registering. Totally worth it!

Here we are, just before the race started. I just know I'm ruining the girls' lives, but at least I'm doing it in style! How about all of that pink?!?! I can honestly say that it was unintentional. Boy, did we stand out! But, when does the Pierson Family ever blend in?

 There always comes a time when your children realize how not-awesome you are, and choose to hang out with the cool kids in town. I wasn't prepared for my baby girl to decide that the handsome gent on the course was cooler than me! "Okay, mom. I'll see you at the finish line. Bye!" Didn't even get a high-five out of the abandonment. ~sniff~

Here we are, post race, rocking our... well, rocks. It doesn't take much to get us excited. I cannot WAIT to put these rocks under the Christmas tree this year! I FINALLY HAVE SOME SWAG TO PUT ON (or under, whatever) OUR RACING TREE! I was the last man standing in this effort, and I'm totally okay with that (and somewhat proud of it... I mean, c'mon -- the 4 year old got her first swag before I got mine!). *Photo credit goes to the 4 year old Christina.

Christina decided that she wanted a rock as well. But SJ and I told her that she can get one when she does the race (muahahaha). Braggin' rights, kid! So she grabbed a piece of broken up asphalt from the parking lot and decided that it would be her spectator swag. Can't blame a kid for her creativity!

I had to grab a shot with the cutest sideliner there was!

Why do we have so many photographs of us here? We had time to kill. You see, I asked a friend's daughter to come watch Christina while SJ and I "ran". She was also kind enough to watch our keys, and when she left she took the keys with her. Haha. The spare key is in our van, which took Josh to the Cherohala Challenge for his Father's Day 115 mile bike ride up a mountain. So we had to wait until Rachel got our calls/texts and bring the key back to us. See how I swear I'm ruining their lives? I can't even have an uneventful race!

But we eventually did get the keys back and decided that it was the very best way we could have spent our morning. Sleeping is for old people, and the girls keep telling me that I'm not old yet.

Besides all of the amazing things above, the most wonderful thing about today was that Krista didn't show up. In fact Caroline introduced herself. She's kind of a badass, and during the entire race she was telling me about all of the amazing things my friends see in me. I like Caroline, and I want her to come around more often. So, all in all, peer pressure can be bad. But with peers like mine, why not succumb to their crazy antics?

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