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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Durham isn't Redstone Arsenal!

My sweet husband. He has another 70.3 race this weekend, so we are in Durham, NC. In wanting to keep Krista at bay, I decided to go for my scheduled "run" (even though I was a day behind in my training schedule). Josh offered to go with me, which is a very big deal in my world because I'm so much slower than he is that I always feel like he is going to get bored with my pace. It's not that he makes me feel bad, it's just that I know his pace and I will never be able to go for a run with him that actually challenges him the way I get challenged. So when his offer was genuine, I was excited.

We are at his aunt's house, and outside of our smartphone apps, I have no idea where anything is around here. So why not get adventurous? When we would get to an intersection, we would decide if we wanted to continue on the road we were "running", or if we would turn. At one point in the "run" I asked him if he was tracking our turns because I sure wasn't. I always carry my iPhone with me so I can look at a map and find my way back (thank goodness I'm good at reading maps), but I'm also pretty meticulous about having the app that I use for my "runs" track my movements (speed, location, etc.) so I can look back at it.

We eventually did have to stop and look at a map. And it didn't kill me to have to pause the running app so I could do so. I guess right now, "running" is teaching me to lighten up on a lot of things.

One thing we did do was take Lucy, Aunt Kim's chocolate lab with us on the "run". We probably took her about a block or so too far because at one point she laid down in the shade and just looked at us. Now that we're back home, she won't even come to me for snuggles. Of course, she happily goes to Josh (even though he was the one holding the leash), so I guess it isn't a complete loss.

Unlike my "runs" in Arizona I came back drenched from head to toe in sweat. It was glorious! I love the feeling of sitting down on the floor of an air conditioned room, cooling off with the salty sweat dripping down my brow. It makes me feel like I actually did something. And to make things sweeter, I "ran" with my sweet baboo. All the better!

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