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Sunday, December 6, 2015

TGBKA: Camera Dump, Take 1: Our First Day Here

Here I sit, not quite a month after getting here, and I am just now sorting through the photographs that I have on Lux, my camera. (For those who don't know... or have forgotten... my camera's name is Lux because that's Latin for "light"). As a professional photographer, I am slightly ashamed that I have so many to sort through; but such is life when you have so much going on. So this post will be short on words, but have some photographs from my trusty camera (rather than my iPhone) to show you what I see every day.
The view from our "Lounge". Our apartment's balcony is enclosed (with windows that open). We have turned that area into a sitting room where we sip wine/bourbon and talk about our day together. As we do so, we see this. 
You can actually see Camp Red Cloud in the above photo. In fact, I can see Sweet Baboo's office from The Lounge. A creepy wife would spy on her Sweet Baboo...
The Lounge's view from a different angle. I love the feel of city life, even though we are considered to be in the "bumpkin area" of Korea.

This photo is literally fifty steps outside of our building. To my family's left is a group of restaurants and little marts that cater specifically to those of us who live in this complex.

We are walking down the sidewalk next to the wall that separates our apartment complex from the city.

On our way to Camp Red Cloud. 

On Camp Red Cloud. 

I simply can't get that kid to take me seriously when I take photos. She is going to love the wedding slideshow I create for her!
So that's it! I know it isn't much... but I was tired. I do have more, but I'm trying my best to keep it all organized. More to come!

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