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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TGBKA, Day 26: Express Shipment Pack Out

We're here: the first pack out! I've been avoiding most things in preparation for this day, yet I still feel under prepared. I found this image on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and it very completely details how my brain works:

A visual for why a simple question seems to take an eternity for me to answer. 

So if my "thought", according to this visual, is "Express Shipment: What to Pack", then my "sub thoughts" would include things like

  • When will we get this shipment? (Estimated: December 17th)
  • What will we be able to live without until that shipment arrives? 
  • How many pounds does an office chair weigh?
  • How will I get clothes to Korea if I want them before December 17th? 
  • Just how many bags can I bring on the airplane per ticketed passenger? 
  • Will that number be enough?
  • How many bags can I arrive in Korea with and still have Sweet Baboo excited to see us? (I tend to "over pack")
  • What pots and pans should I send now so I have them for Christmas?
  • How in the world will I cook Thanksgiving dinner without my kitchen?
And the list goes on. All for me to make decisions on how to "spend" 750 pounds of my stuff for this shipment. Here's what I came up with: 

Towels, cooking tools, yoga mat, homeschool curriculum... you know, the basics.
Desktop, television, office chair, Wacom tablet, Big Al (my teddy bear) and Dog (my cat pillow). The freezer stays.

Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, punch bowl... I sliced it down to this.

Two of the very few things that I'm packing, knowing full well that I'll only use it for 4 months in the entire tour. But I love these bowls that much!

So here's hoping I didn't screw this decision up. And that when I get to Korea with 15 bags, each weighing under 100 pounds, I will still have an excited Sweet Baboo who will grin and load those suckers up in the tiny Korean vehicle to get us from the airport to our new apartment. 


  1. You are the most organized and prepared person I know. You've got this. Just allow for things out of your control, and there will things out of your control. Just roll with it. All that really matters is that the 3 beautiful ladies traveling make it to Sweet Baboo. The rest, no matter how "essential", is still just stuff.

    1. You're so sweet! Sweet Baboo is always telling me that I have such high, unattainable standards for myself that I'll never be at ease for things like this. I'm starting to see his point. Your kind words help me to realize it as well. Especially your final line! Thank you!