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Monday, February 9, 2015

It's a PCS Year!

In elementary school, I was taught that good communication includes answers to all of the following:


The Army rarely tells the whole story at one time. If we're lucky, we'll get more than one clue at a time. Usually, though... we can go weeks (and sometimes even months) between clues. For instance, we have known for close to 17 months now that we need to PCS (that's "Permanent Change of Station" for you non-military peeps... moving to our next duty station). So there's the What. So.... When? Yeah, we've been asked and asked that question for 17 months now, and the question has almost become a joke at this point. So we're not going to bother with When.

Completely irrelevant (to this blog post) photo. I just miss his face.
Ten days ago, my husband called with news: another clue! We got to know the Where: South Korea. How exciting! The girls and I literally squealed with joy at the idea. We could explore the wonderful history (especially since we have studied some of it in our homeschool studies), possibly save up for some vacations all over Asia, learn a foreign language, taste authentic Korean food... the excitement was delicious! Within 3 hours of finding out the Where, we had populated a list of the things we needed to do in the coming weeks to prepare for the big move.

And then less than 24 hours later we find out the Who: Joshua. We're not sure if the girls and I are included in this move. In the military there are circumstances where the Soldier is asked to do what's called a "hardship tour", and go overseas without his family (an unaccompanied trip). With us, the move would be for 2 years. Without us, he would go for only one year. We don't get much of a choice in this matter. The Army has her reasons for why we would not be invited to the South Korea Party... and whether I agree with them or not, whether I think it's the most efficient way to run things or not, whether I think it just plain sucks or not, I have chosen a life as an Army Wife and I must grin and bear it.

We may get to go. We have to fill out a packet of papers to request command sponsorship, and that's how we'll find out if we're allowed to come as well. Hopefully, as time moves on we will get more details. But until now, we just rejoice in knowing this:

Who: Joshua (potentially us as well)
What: PCS
Where: South Korea
Why: 'Cause the Army Said So

We love Huntsville, but we love daddy more!

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