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Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo Shoot Sunday: Shoot an Event

This weekend's assignment for my photography class was to shoot an event. It could be anything, really, but it had to be an official event. So I decided to drag my gear out to Josh's soccer game. I had a blast, and the guys have decided that I only need to pay them each a royalty of $5 per picture. I told them I'd send the check as soon as I get one. Ha ha.

I love this team Josh plays on. Most of the guys seem to have been playing together since high school... and some of the guys are old enough to remember watching the first episode of Sesame Street. Just kidding, guys! While they do focus on scoring goals, talk on the sidelines was less about who should play what position, and more about who brought which kind of beer for the after-game recovery and rehydration session.

These pictures are by no means professional grade, but I'm still pretty impressed with some of them. Not sure how I feel about sports photography just yet.  It's hard... they keep moving! I couldn't slow the shutter speed down too much because they would run so fast. I see lots of practice in my future. And as usual, enjoy.
Being the keeper can be lonely at times...


  1. Great pics! Looks like you're really finding and growing your talents and passion for digital work!

  2. Thank you, Sam! I'm having a blast. I kind of feel like I have found that puzzle piece that was under the couch for so long and put it with the rest of the puzzle. :)